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We offer a broad range of services to help you identify and select the right product or vendor, such as:


Business Justification

Let us provide a comprehensive business case and strategy through our Rapid Economic Justification process (REJ). Our REJ process can be leveraged to identify, and document, the Key Performance Indicators that will be most impacted. The process identifies and prioritizes the needed functionality that the initiative should deliver, and then provides a quantitative cost benefit analysis. Learn more about this project by downloading this PowerPoint explaining the REJ Process.


Vendor Selection

Through our comprehensive “BEST” approach, we help you select the right vendor or software that best matches your business objectives. This is a quantitative evaluation process that uses a series of tools, templates and deliverables to objectively determine your decision criteria, provides an empirical weighting of the criteria, and then evaluates how the vendors match that weighted criteria. Learn more about our selection process by downloading this PowerPoint.


Software Selection

Using our "BEST" approach we will help you evaluate the software solutions that best solve your problem or provide the needed functionality. We create a functional requirements matrix that documents the needed criteria that the software must meet. Our team will then use our set of tools, templates, and deliverables to engage and evaluate your selected vendors. We then provide a comprehensive vendor report and recommendation. Learn more about our vendor selection process in this PowerPoint.


Global Project Delivery & Outsourcing

Our team of select global partners can assist you with the delivery of technology and business outsourcing, project delivery, or team augmentation. With solutions from the leading companies from across the globe, our best-of-breed partner model can lower costs, increase speed to market, and improve quality. In short, our partner network can provide you with a higher return on your investments. Download a presentation about our global services here.